In Progress

Universal Savings


Our design is a membership card that will act as a reference to the users account, posting new data as it becomes available from distinct merchants. Since there are multiple access points from distinct cash registers we tried to implement multiple variants so there can be compatibility with our card and the register. Our first reference is a unique id attribute which will identify each member as well as our service. Second we will have one of the most basic types of references a standard barcode. As we have seen the increase in the use and abundance of RFID we thought that we could incorporate one into our design given the rise “need to back this up” and hopefully make our design forward compatible. Finally depending on the model of the card we would manufacture the addition of a magnetic strip would allow further compatibility but this is dependent on the size of the card which is another specification which we are still working out. One constrains that we would have to work out would be the access to each merchants records. Since our card would not only identify the member for the merchant but also let their system know that the member is giving them the authority to release their transaction information to our company. We would have to gather information from each merchant and with the vast majority of them we would have to work around that. Based on the data we receive from the vendor which at the moment we think would only include the membership id and the receipt of what the customer bought we would compile that information into each customer’s database. Then the customer would simply access their personal information via our website.
Team Members Casey Shey, Christopher Valencia
Role Lead Designer, User Researcher, Prototype Developer
Tools MS Powerpoint, Paper Prototypes, Wireframes