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Group Loop


Among the many online services that provide communication channels for groups, there is a lack of singular services that provide users a way to easily interact with each group in one place. In order to communicate with their respective groups, a user typically uses four or more services, including email and various social media sites. Coordinating so many different services across multiple groups is tedious, challenging, and often results in important information being overlooked or lost. GroupLoop is a single interface that integrates all of the functions users require to effectively communicate with each of their groups. Users can send private or group messages, access contact information for each group member, upload shared multimedia, add events in a group calendar, and participate in forums. They can even view information for multiple groups at once.
Team Members Carolyn Scoville, Rachel Casio
Role Founder, Project Manager, UI Designer
Tools Wireframes, Lucidchart, Photoshop

User Research

Our initial survey of our target population showed that the most sought after collaboration efforts were carried out via cloud apps and storage. Some services were mainly used for storage purposes and others were particularly sought after for their collaboration features.
The top used services were:

Facebook Groups

Google Docs/Drive